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Beauty and the Beast is a two act traditional pantomime with a modern influence in humour and music.

First Performed in 2019. 

Beauty and the Beast is arguably the most traditional of fairy tales and many will know recent adaptations boast it to be ‘as old as time’. This version merges concepts from the originally told story whilst nodding to the ‘mainstream’ version that modern audiences will know. It also tributes to the telling of fairy tales in general by including a unique perspective from the ‘narration team’ and keeps within the boundaries of all pantomime style humour, that is until the real moral of the story emerges nearer the end scenes making it a unique choice. In this play you will find there are a wealth of characters ranging in different sizes. The sheer amount of named principal parts may seem daunting on the surface but there are opportunities for some to be ‘doubled up'. There are many details within the script (costumes/scenery) that are kept to the minimum for ‘creative scope’ and are entirely dependent on the capabilities of those taking on the production. The focus falls more on stage direction and how lines should be delivered. Most of the humour is quick and/or slapstick/physical. The show’s basic design concept is built around something always happening, I have included a range of number/dance suggestions throughout the script and of course more or less numbers/dances can be included elsewhere.

Most importantly Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic tale of adventure, love and friendship. The moral and overall lessons learned in this story translate to many modern issues we face and there is an important message within.

Hotel Doom is a one act comedy play for a cast of adults.

First Performed in 2016


Thunder claps and lightning strikes as private investigator Johnson Jefferies and his quick thinking assistant Maestro Mateo are called to investigate a theft. The curious case of the missing ruby necklace. Events soon takes a turn for the worse when things start to get a little murdery.


There are laughs throughout as the case unravels and the investigators a joined by an ensemble of sometimes suspicious, sometimes cliche and sometimes cross dressing characters guaranteed to give anyone a sense of humour. From hiding in the cupboard to groaning in the basement the comedy will get you in one way or another.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a modern twist on the traidtional German fairy tale.

First Performed in 2020

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fantastic coming of age tale that echoes to many valuable lessons in life which are relevant today.


Envy is very much a central theme to the story, and you will find plenty of it on show in this adapted version. Like all of my work you will see that every character plays a major role in delivering the story with plenty of modern comedy and opportunity for all.


There is a great amount of scope for big group dance numbers as well as more intimate duet or solo songs; both play such a major factor in present day pantomime shows, along with comedy. Although much of this script has been adapted from the original fairy tale it also stands on its own two feet and cuts a path into some original concepts that make a show full of twists and drama.


For groups on the more ambitious side there is a possibility for some effects that will make a great spectacle for both audience and performer alike.

Find out more about Lee Hall and his novels here:

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