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What are the rules of the club?
Our rules are laid out in a legal document called The Constitution. We also have a Code of Conduct and other guides that the club and its members must follow. Links to them are at the bottom of this page. 

Who can join? How do I join?
We welcome almost all ages and abilities. There is no upper age limit and our lower limit is flexible around 8 or 9. This depends on the child, how independent they are and how much support is needed. Lots of children love freedom and flourish in it. We do sometimes allow younger children to join if an older sibling or responsible adult is joining with them. 
The best way to join is by contacting the committee by emailing
The club meets every Wednesday at Iver Heath Village Hall between 7pm and 10pm. Normally younger members finish around 9pm however those with bigger parts will be needed until 10pm. Everyone is needed until 10pm in the month or two before a show. We sometimes have extra rehearsals at the Weekend. Membership is charged weekly. £2 for children under 16 and £3 for anyone over 16.
The club runs for 50 to 51 weeks of the year. We run during school holidays.

Is it just acting?
There is so much more to amdram than just being on-stage. Some of the key people in a show are either backstage or in front of it - running our box office or designing and running the lights and sound.  Designing posters, making props, fundraising... all key jobs that we need your help to do!

Is IHDC a charity?

Not yet. We are a 'not-for-profit community group company limited by guarantee'. Under the original UK law, we are too small to become a charity. However, when they changed we began looking into the positives and negatives of becoming a registered charity. It is something the committee, who run the club, discuss and re-investigate regularly

Do you welcome members with disabilities? 
We do welcome members with physical, learning and mental health disabilities and we currently receive grants from local councils which help support this. We cannot offer 1-to-1 support or care but we do have members with a range of abilities and disabilities and where possible we make adaptations to involve everyone. However, the same rules regarding behavior apply to all for the safety and wellbeing of all members. 
If you are the parent, guardian or support worker for a potential member, please email us. We are happy to have a frank and honest discussion about whether we are a s
uitable environment and able to accept the person.


Can I see the club's governing documents? Can I see things like your financial records or what the Committee discusses at their meetings?

The documents that run and rule our club are linked below and we encourage new members to read them. By signing a membership form, members agree to abide by and uphold these rules. Other documents are confidential and for security and safeguarding reasons not publicly available. You are welcome to ask our committee members or email the officers and they can provide some information on what was discussed at the last meeting however this information is summarised in the newsletter written by Lucy and Alice Campling.
Our accounts are available by appointment - our Treasurer is happy to meet and explain the records - however, this information is summarised our yearly AGM. 
The majority of the below policies were written by our Chairman, Matt Streuli and ratified by the committee or the club at our AGM as appropriate. They are checked yearly.


What is safeguarding and how is the club involved?

Safeguarding is a term used most often by Schools, the NHS, the Police, and the Council. It relates to the reporting and logging of comments, incidents and concerns regarding the welfare of any person under the age of 18 or any adults who may be considered vulnerable. Several members of the Club's committee work in local Education or for the NHS and as such have recent and relevant training on the matter. Should the club have any concerns regarding welfare these are logged as per our policies below.

Our Constitution

Code of Conduct

Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy and Complaints Procedure

Environmental Policy

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